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YO. Name's Shane, also known as Mitarashi/Mita. Welcome to my art blog!

Welp, my demon ocs are my new kick now. Sabers gon have to wait.

Anyone up for the adventures of an asexual demon boy and his dog?

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Oct 20th / 6 notes

Three cheeb commissions. 

Ahhhhh I barely got these out, but I like the first pic… These were for someone on FA which finally is up again. /yaaawwnnnn i’m so …tired FUCK

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Oct 19th / 25 notes

Yaay you can’t even read that shit but whoooo caressss. 

Tagged by Brybabu, how dare you ovo 

tagged capputea-chi, asianjuan MYCHILD, and zombiebass. Jelly you’ve been spared.

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Oct 17th / 3 notes

i have a job and that’s doin commissions. It ain’t much but you know what 

it’s fuckin somethin and I’ve actually been able to provide for myself, doin shit my own parents won’t do for me. If that ain’t the coolest shit, idk what is. 

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Oct 17th / 11 notes


Piccu for Shane


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Oct 14th / 34 notes / via / src

First time I ever colored this butthole digitally. Say hello to Joseph, but he insists you call him Jojo. 

I had really terrible plans for this guy before, but I could not go through with it… So glad I’m not goin with that. 

Jojo is basically everyone’s friend, he’s that guy that radiates all kinds of sunshine and smiles and cheers his friends up when needed. He is best friends with OJ, attends all his games and gets him gifts when he wants to congratulate him on a victory. With everyone else, Jojo comes in to make the others smile, and has the tendency to pick fights with anyone that fucks with his friends. 

He’s a fighter and not the very best with his judgement. He tends to get his ass handed to him from time to time, but luckily he has a bro like Ian that’ll jump in to save the day. They click when it comes to stuff like this as they both really enjoy throwing their fists around. Even so, Jojo’s got a mega soft side for his boyfriend, Bo. 

They met in middle/high school (one of those) and have been together since. Jojo was always the one to jump in and protect, but since Bo grew up… like… damn did he grow up, and it’s the other way around these days. They’re both victims of some form of neglect, though Bo’s household supports abuse which resulted in him running away for a while. Jojo comes from a very strict christian home, with his grandparents who condemn his bisexuality. 

Thanks to college, both are able to share a dorm and not worry about that shit anymore. Nor does Jojo have to worry about people telling him that sweater vests aren’t cool. He will get in your face if you dis his sweater vests. That’s like his key look. 

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Oct 12th / 16 notes

Ahhhhh another bab I haven’t drawn in quite some time. This is Perri

Originally I had him be a homeless hermit, but I changed that. Perri lost his family to a school fire two or three years prior (Not sure which atm), though his youngest sister was nursed back to health. They were deemed orphans after that and taken in by more than a few foster families, but their latest one is more about publicity than actually taking care of the kids, they choose favorites, Perri is not one of them, but his sister is. They’ll buy them nice clothes but neglect the kids they don’t favor. Oops.  

Perri’s a rather depressed individual, rarely gets enough sleep, isn’t fed very well and has trouble taking care of himself. His sister tends to help him with that, they stick together and she’s able to keep him above water. Since he began college, he’s been trying to get himself back to being happy, but it’s difficult. Overall, he just needs help getting better, and the gang helps with that…in their own way. 

He’s really good friends with Leon, as Perri’s got a good grip on computer tech so he helps Leon with his lil ASMR videos ;v; Perri’s dad was a computer tech, new a lot about web design and such, so it rubbed off on him. When he can manage, he attends to OJ’s games, hangs with the group. In some way he sort of looks up to Noel due to Noel’s seemingly never ending happiness, though Noel is not as happy as he seems all the time. But to Perri, it’s enough to inspire him to want to be like that too, he just doesn’t say it. vuv

His ending is rather happy, that’s a guarantee. ;v; Perri is of hispanic ethnicity, though I don’t know if he speaks spanish as much as he use to. Though I feel like Ian would probably talk to Perri in spanish if Perri’s unable to speak to the others in any way (through anxiety, panic attacks maybe v3v;)

But… that’s Perri. Debating on if he should keep his pet rat that he had before. 

Goddamn the Sabers are basically a sports anime without the focus on the sports. 

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Oct 12th / 20 notes

Haven’t drawn this asshole in a long time, holy shit he looks waaaaaaay different than before. His name’s Orion James Dillard, but just like his hat says, you can call him OJ. 

He’s much taller and lankier than before, his freckles are darker than before ahaha. OJ’s a potty mouth, hasn’t really been explored much before, but he tends to say ‘fuck’ and ‘shit’ a lot, mostly when he’s upset. He tends to ramble a lot when nervous haha. He’s very serious about baseball, and loves inviting his bros to come over to his games. 

He’s the third born from a large family of 10 brothers and sisters, as his mom is a single parent, and his dad is an asshole that abandoned the family for a new one. So OJ actually has like two half siblings out in the world somewhere and this pisses him off. He has quite the anger issues… I believe Noel knows this first hand. (Swing that bat real hard, give your friend a head injury mate). 

He’s also Catholic, and is actually one of the least sexual of the group, along with Aaron. He doesn’t show a lot of interest in anyone, but he gets a really cute girlfriend a few years later vuv 

Yup, that’s Orion. He’s also a HUGE fan of orange juice, so… yeah ovo 

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Oct 11th / 13 notes

Oh yah peeps! I have a Tags page now ovo so you can access that in case you’re looking for something! I don’t know if I should link to characters individually other than Bran and Suri since they have a lil fanbase and don’t have a set story to follow, but all others are just apart of one big tag together ;v; So yeah if you’re interested, you can now browse through them! 

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Oct 11th / 3 notes

@v@;;; Man these two. Another cheeb commission i got done tonight. Hopefully the rest of the peeps that asked for some will contact me soon, but for now I’m done with these, ONTO MORE OC ART YEEE.

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Oct 11th / 18 notes
omg leon baby. I'm HEAVILY INTERESTED IN WHATCHA GOT GOIN ON HERE. keep it up ; o;


You have no idea how happy this makes me, bro quq I’m super happy you’ve taken interest in this silly story of mine, so happy v//3//v I’m doing my best to flesh out all the characters to make them hella unique! 

In the end, they’re… all just really lonely boys… /cries. 

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Oct 10th / 10 notes

Leon babu chillin to some ASMRs ;v; Story time!

Leon is a, as stated, a quiet individual and keeps to himself. Due to repeated physical abuse from his mom at home, he’s very secretive and tends to wear long shirts and pants all the time to avoid drawing attention to himself. He doesn’t hold any ill will towards his mom though, growing up with her and seeing her change from her mental illness (Probably dementia, not sure yet), he feels it’s not her fault she lashes out. 

He takes care of her and wants to make sure she’s okay, but he’s fully aware at some point she may have to be admitted to a mental institution to be completely safe. He’s not ready for that. Leon’s brother on the other hand, Aaron, doesn’t feel too strongly about their mother. He’s not a fan, and also suffers from the abuse too. He never shouts at her when it happens, as Leon has constantly reminded him not to cause commotion. Their dad on the other hand is a busy guy and is very bad with coping with her wife. He knows what needs to happen but chooses to ignore it. 

But ahhh… with school being somewhat of a get away, Leon is able to chill by himself from time to time to email his girlfriend who lives over seas in France. He misses her dearly and wants to make his own ASMRs to reach her. 

He’s also not too big of a fan of people in general and probably has some social anxiety. He loves animals to the point of bringing home strays if possible. I think they keep him from hurting himself… 

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Oct 10th / 23 notes

Aghhh more chibi commissions~ The Nu and Eeray took the most time, I could never see myself owning something with all the detail vuv But either way, they all came out nicely and I’m proud of myself for getting this shit done soon as I could. 

So yeah, might be more coming along, but for now I might take a break. 

i haven’t been able to draw my boys today…i’msad…

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Oct 10th / 32 notes

Jus cause u adopted bros don’t mean u can’t have cheek smooches ya know wut i’m sayin?? 

lmao, Noel giving his lil bro Muse some lovings. He’s always doin his best to protect his lil bro, but since Noel’s in college it’s tough to do that now… then again Muse takes classes on the college campus cause high schoolers can do that these days (I DID THAT, HELL YAH).

I need to art them signing to each other one day or Muse signing at least. I find that to be a really cute aspect about them, not to mention I wanna learn sign language due to my whole social anxiety bullshit vuv, so yes. Great thing about being a main character is you’re compatible with almost everyone. Noel you fuckin whore.

Muse belongs to mah bro Capputea-chi.

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Oct 10th / 19 notes

Cuddlin cuddles. I honestly haven’t thought of drawing Bran in a while, and I think this sums up what he’s been doin, napping. Rest easy you two. 

Loni belongs to Bryborg. >u< 

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Oct 09th / 40 notes